We provide certified professional courses and training for staff and business owners .Our Institute corporate courses and training deliver fast results and advance the professional performance of staff, company management and business owners. Our Center certified training and courses are prepared based on real-life . The knowledge and skills received from our courses and training , can be instantly implemented within your company

JOB-Specific English


Introduces a series of short, specialist English courses for different professions, industries and work skills. Our short intensive courses can be completed in 30 hours and are ideal for employees that wish to communicate better in English on the job specifically.  These programs can also be offered in short, intensive workshops, ideally over 4 to 5 days.

  • Various skills
  • 30 Hours
  • (customized to needs)
Work Skills Industries Professions
English for Emails English for the Pharmaceutical Industry English for Customer Care
English for Meetings English for the Energy Industry English for Accounting
English for Negotiations English for Logistics English for Human Resources
English for Presentations English for the Telecom and IT English for Legal Professionals
English for Telephoning English for Airline Cabin Crew English for Marketing & Advertising
English for Socializing English for the Automobile Industry English for Sales & Purchasing
English for Health Services English for the Aviation English for Secretaries
Business Writing for Professionals English Technical course  General English 
IELTS and TOEFL Preparation course
Conversation course

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